Set item in entity main hand procedure block

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its self explainatory

this block might be very useful for making stuff with diffrent forms

ex. a hammer that can change to axe or pickaxe mode on right click. But if you use set hammer form 2 in inventory, it won't directly go to your main hand, so its not very good.

I seen this done in many mods outside of mcreator

for example avartia, where there is this pickaxe which can mine either 1*1*1 or 16*16*16 (I know its op, but thats not the point)

Issue comments

That also would work on mobs?

For example, I tested a mob that changes it's name randomly and it's role. Will be cool to change its a tool in hand depending on this.

Hello Klemen,

I'm struggling to find a way to set a specific item in off hand on right click with another item. 

Is there a way to "set item [] in off hand" for provided entity (or player) ?


Thanks a lot for what you do, it's awesome !



Thank you very much ! working Fine ! =o)


Have a good day !

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