Option to make mob attack all monsters

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Issue description

I think there should be a ln "EntityMonster" option when choosing which mobs should the mob attack.

This way we wouldn't have to make long lists of monsters just to make the mob act similarly to an iron golem or a snow golem. And it would also be compatible with other mods.

Also, there should be an option to mark this kind of mobs as "utility mobs" because the game thinks that they are aggressive monsters and let iron golems attack them.

Issue comments

We will add all possible entity types to the list in 1.9.1 including EntityMob, EntityAnimal, EntityAmbient and similar. You will be able to use these for AI and for the is a subtype of procedure blocks too.


And what about the option for a mob to be a utility mob (so it doesn't get attacked by iron golems or other utility mobs)?

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