Items don't get damaged by the 'Deal Item X Damage' procedure

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Issue description

S0 anyways, I was making a apple wrapped by aluminum foil. It is crafted by aluminum foil and 8 apples(If that's important)(And it's a item, not a food)

I set the max item duration to like 8.

and I bound this procedure to when item right clicked:

set player hunger to: get player hunger+3;

deal 1 damage to provided item;

play sound: entity.player.burp at x,y,z pitch 1, volume 0;

But in game, I can eat the foil-wrapped apeples, but It won't do damage to it's durability. Can sumbudy help?


Issue comments

And Klemen on your intro page, it says that you are the 'funder'.

Are you the 'funder' or the 'founder'(just in case of a typo)

is this issue fixed ? because it seems that nbt value from item cannot be modified inside block GUI (using the get copy item from slot)

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