Call procedure block with custom dependencies/parameters

Published by Lilmrmagoo on Thu, 08/22/2019 - 01:03
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Issue description

it would be nice if you called a procedure it would have inputs for all the dependencies that are added by dependency blocks. feels like it would be an easy change and a very useful one at that being able to link functions it would also allow the ability to save nbt data when an entity has low health and the reload it upon respawn.

Issue comments

You always have provided all the dependencies that can be obtained for the trigger context. For example on block tick update you just can't get entity dependency because block is not entity.

examplei don't think you understood what i meant here is an example the dosomething would be the procedure while the things after are inputs that aren't the standard entity or x y z but ones that the dependency blocks create.  


A Call procedure with custom parameters at x y z will be nice too.

This is done but there is only

[call procedure procedure_select_drop_menu(v) at <x> <y> <z>]


[call procedure {procedure_select_drop_menu(v)} at <x> <y> <z> with arguments {dependency_list_drop_menu(v)}]

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