Custom block sounds?

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Idk if this is possible but is it possible to add custom block material types to change the sound?

ex: custom element, material, you can choose its step, break, punching sounds that would be really nice if possible

Issue comments

You can add custom sound using procedures. Use on entity collides with block for example and play a sound when this happens.

Can you reopen this issue - ticket?

Reason - this would be useful on it's own and just telling people to use a massive amount of procedures is a semi lazy approach to looking at this issue - ticket.

I ask for this to be added as a fully-editable feature,
Without you need for a massive amount of procedures,
And if it's "impossible"
Well just do something like you suggested, make it auto generated the procedures for you behind the scenes.

xo - Aubarino

We could add similar features for many things, but configuration for the block mod element will become cluttered. Such a procedure is beyond simple so there is no need for this.

The problem with implementing a procedure is that there is no way to set the base block sound to be nothing to allow for a procedure based sound system to fully take over the sound. Basically, if you want a custom sound and you set the block sound to something like sand as well as implementing the procedure for the custom sound, the sand sound AND the procedure sound will play at the same time, which sounds weird. Also, the block sound typically is much louder than the procedure sound, which can drown the procedure sound out in some cases. If you could implement a new element called "Material" that could then be used in place of both material and block sound. This feature could allow for sounds in 4 categories: place, destroy, hit/breaking, and sound on step, as well as allowing for a material to be a fuel and for how long it would smelt (I am aware that this is a separate element, but if you place the block material to wood it automatically makes it a fuel, so adding this functionality here would be useful). You could even potentially add a procedure feature to materials as well to allow all blocks with this material to do certain things (this one might be harder to add and I'm not sure if it's possible, but the other features I mentioned would be nice :) )

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