Get redstone power of the specific block side

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I have practical idea: Since there is block's property "Does redstone connect to this block" then why doesn't expand this by add some new useful properties?
On this case I mean add property to make block behave exactly as redstone dust(conduct redstone signal) but make possible to place it anywhere like as normal building block.

That would make it possible to create redstone "cable" that can be placed not only  horizontally but vertically as well. That "redstone cable" could by be to build on walls and ceiling and so on.

That feature would revolutionize building redstone mechanism's make many things more confortable do desing or even possible to build.

This is it just need a two procedures block:
GetRedstonePower(SIDE) that return POWER,  and
SetRedstonePower(SIDE, POWER).

And where "POWER" is restrone power as integer walue, and "SIDE" is value with it presents a side of block according it's direction orientatnion. Value of "SIDE" is:
0 - ANY/ALL(as default)
3 - LEFT
5 - UP
6 - DOWN

This can make possible create not only a redstone cable(whose unlike redstone dust can be place everywhere and can conduct redstone singal vertically too) but one-block logical gates and other "electricall" machines as well!

Issue comments

You can already detect the redstone power at a given location/block so many redstone machines are already possible.

Emitting redstone power is a bit buggy at the moment, but we are working on fixing this:

I suggest you check our tutorials collection playlist on our YouTube channel which contains many examples and tutorials that can help you get started with MCreator:

Well, so far redstone support is very poor at the moment. While I'd searched in procedures, I'd found only "set redstone logic state" with boolean parameter. And nothing more....
There lack such procedures as "get redstrone power" and "set redstone power" with number parameters.
Maybe then could possible achieve more redstone possibily and make redstone to work vertically, on walls and ceilings etc.

The procedure that get a side of block(N, E, S, W, Down, Up) from whith it is powered, could be a big usefull as well.

Well, this is great!
In future, I like you to add "SET redstone power of block side" that I'd mentioned above to complete this redstone feature.
And then should be possible make a redstone machines and redstone instalations, I guess. :)

In future, I like you to add "SET redstone power of block side" that I'd mentioned above to complete this redstone feature.

There is a ticket for this :)

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