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Published by Goldorion on Tue, 09/24/2019 - 00:22
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Issue description


I have already post this idea of feature on the Community Requests for MCreator 1.9.2, but I will post it here also.


In the Mod Options, when we click on Esc, there is all mods installed, and when we click on them, there is a Configuration button. So, I would like to have an option into MCreator to add some a mod element or something else to add configuration options. I find some links to help you to implement this feature. I know that the first link can be a little bit outdated, but it can help you with the base.………


Hoping that you will add this feature, and the links will help you !

Issue comments

Please Make this happen! I love using mcreator as I don't have a lot of time to just sit down and write code for minecraft all day, but i would like to make config files for my mods i make in mcreator

Yes, I vote for this idea too!

For beginning I suggest make possible to configure a variables like numbers, strings and logics. Something like global variables that can be use in procedure blocks.

Later you can try to implement make possible to configure a text references to blocks, items, entities, potion effects and so on. Something like "minecraft:egg", "modname:itemname", "minecraft:zombie", "modname:entityname", etc.

That would be so much better than making a GUI with buttons that run procedures that change variables that do changes etc. I think that maybe if there would be things i write now it would be better: "like if the config would run procedures, and there would be mod management or something else world management like and it would have disabling blocks and other things." I would like countdown in procedures too.

yes we need config file support. We should be able to have blocks, items, recipes, mobs, and other things disabled/enabled based on config, and we need to be able to access a variable in the config in procedures.

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