More Living Entity Triggers

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I am just wondering why we don't have placing and breaking AI and procedure types yet? It would be handy for making entities build structures, through custom structures to having them chop down trees in the forests. I have some triggers for entries as well as AI tasks that could be useful for living entities in a future update. I have not set the version just because I think opening it to the community for a while would be a good idea so people can provide their feedback and suggestions as well as give Pylo time to implement this large request.

Could we have living entity triggers for the following?

  • When the entity breaks a block.
  • When the entity places a block.

We would also need some new AI tasks for breaking and placing blocks maybe something like below.

  • Can break block [BLOCK Selection]
  • Can break block [BLOCK Selection] if the condition from [Procedure Selection] is true
  • Can place block [BLOCK Selection]
  • Can place block [BLOCK Selection] if the condition from [Procedure Selection] is true

If anyone else has any suggestions for things to add on to the AI tasks and living entity procedures or triggers, list them below in the comments.

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