Ambient Occlusion option for blocks

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Issue description

Having an option to enable or disable block ambient occlusion (shading) would help fix issues with transparent blocks when rendering such as leaf blocks, A current workaround is making a custom 3D model cube and adding the sting below to the .json file. however, adding a checkbox to enable or disable it on the block texture and transparency page would make developing leaves and other blocks easier.


The default state is true

"ambientocclusion": false,


Issue comments

I will consider adding option this in future updates. Setting transparency to translucent does not fix the leaves issue?

In my case, it would leave large black shading on the leaves at far distances due to Ambient Occlusion being set to true by default. I made a custom model and just added that and the display settings for a regular block and it fixed that issue. I know for sure this fixed the issues as I have spent more time in the dimension that I have been working on for a while after fixing and have not had the problem since :)

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