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I have textured armor models that fit the player perfectly, but there is a texture error where it is defined not only in the model but also in the player skin. Image and files are below. (I'm sorry for the bad english)

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The bugs are on the player's face and chest.398.86 KB 398.86 KB
The bugs are on the player's face and chest.311.92 KB 311.92 KB

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I am not entirely sure why this is happening. Make sure the texture maps have proper sizes and are placed properly, this would be my main suspect.


I mapped everything correctly, but the textures are at 512x512 so I can give more details to the armatures, could this be causing the error? I really wanted to fix this, because without this error I could make an amazing mod of knights of the zodiac

It could be, try downsizing them. For our test textures, everything worked fine, so this must be a model specific.

I tried to reduce them to 64x64 which is the smallest I can, but the error persists. The problem is that it is correctly defining the textures of the model, but not only that, it is also defining the texture without UV mapping over the corresponding body part (in this case it is the head). It seems that he is trying to merge the armature modes, both the Java model mode and the simple armature texture mode.

I can't see the image. I see what you mean but I am not sure why this is happening.

MCreator just merges the model with the armor model as it is done with all armor models in mods.

If I get any ideas why this is happening, I will let you know.

One thing that might be the problem is the complexity of the model. I don't know if Minecraft can even handle well such models. But this is just my guess, I really am not sure why this is happening.


Hmm, I will try to decrease the model's complexity by decreasing the parts and simplifying the angles of rotation. But the sad thing is that there are other mods that contain armor with incredible detail without requiring Minecraft adaptations. So I find it hard the problem is that Minecraft doesn't accept these details. But anyway I will try.

By posting this user, I was able to solve the arms problem, now I can add them to the armor. However, the worst problem is the texture, I have not made any progress in finding a solution for it. Because of this, my mod is paralyzed, as these texture errors sometimes obscure most of the character, making it impossible to create armor. But i'm trying.


HI, so i looked into your problem and i was having the same issue and eventually i found out its the normal vanilla armor texture merged with the 3d model. For example you could use that template to make a diamond armor texture and that goes for any template because they both overlap. So to avoid this you have to avoid the area that would color the the merged armor.

i edited the textures of the workspace provided and i colored the areas that would color the merged armor red, and safe areas to texture green, safe areas are also your textures still remaining, just avoid red and delete it once you finish, so it doesn't show up.

something you will have to do though is go into the program you made the model with and move the block textures in the red zone out so they are colored.

I hope this helped, and good luck.


I think I understood the error, but you have some idea of ​​how to know the area of ​​this error for other models, because I think about making several models, but I don't know an easy way to avoid these merging areas.

One way you could locate them is by placing colors randomly on your template and see if it shows up on your armor through that, it is very tedious so i would suggest you use a template where you already know where the merging areas are and stick with that. Here are some templates ive been using to avoid theses areas. I didnt include a chest template because that model will add arms automatically and im still trying to find out where those are, when i find them ill add a link.



Thank you very much, you are helping me a lot with this problem that I have been having for a long time. Klemen said his is trying to find a way to solve them, but until he succeeds, we will have to work around it that way. So thank you very much.

Kiroh Gamer: I believe there will not be another way around this any soon as this is how renderer of Minecraft works and how it requires the model parts to be placed.

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