Regular animals spawning in my custom dimension

Published by Mr. Cubist on Wed, 12/18/2019 - 02:14
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So... I download the new update, then I walk into the new dimension I'm working on and I start finding mobs there that shouldn't be there. Theses include, but are not limited to sheep and pigs. I haven't even tried looking in the caves or at night, but I'd assume that I would find random out of place zombies. All of my custom biomes in said dimension are set to not have ANY entities other than custom ones.

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Issue comments

Unrelated heads up, texture names like "wtf???!!!.png" are calling for trouble. Only use letters and numbers in names.

Also another issue that I just discovered by looking at the image again is that log types for trees are generating weirdly as in they should be straight up and down, but these ones are sideways

Your second observation belongs in a separate ticket, otherwise, we can't keep things clear and readable.

Which is this specific biome too, I would like to isolate the problem and then build from there?

The problem is that in 1.12.2 generator, default biome spawning is used, but in 1.14.4, an empty spawn list means no spawning. I will make so 1.12.2 will act same as 1.14.4 with an empty biome spawn list. This will be fixed in the next update.

For now, one solution would be to define at least one entity per biome so all other entity spawns get disabled.

I will fix this bug in the next update.

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