MCreator keyboard shortcuts on macOS are inconsistent

Published by hawkster97 on Mon, 01/13/2020 - 16:56
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Issue description

In MCreator 2019.5, and previous versions (tested with 1.9.1 as well), the native macOS keybindings appear to be inconsistent with MCreator.


On macOS, keyboard shortcuts such as CTRL+C, CTRL+S, etc are done with CMD, so they'd be CMD+C and CMD+S, etc.


When using the IDE in MCreator, i've noticed that copying works as CMD+C and pasting works as CMD+V, but I've noticed that saving doesn't happen with CMD+S. To save, I have to press CTRL+S. Some shortcuts are CMD+(key) and some are (CTRL)+key.







Issue comments

I will fix this in the next update, thank you for letting us know.

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