Bows, Entites, and Other Suggestions Along With One Bug

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Issue description

Since I am limited on posting every 48 hours, I'd like to summarize my ideas I've been thinking about for a while into one issue

Categories are marked with bold

Bugs are marked with italics 

Bows/Ranged Weapons


  • Bows already have a property of randomness, so it could be possible to implement a version that is able to be modified 

Number of projectiles (allows shotgun ranged weapons)

  • No further needed context for this other than it will follow the randomness of spread.

Stays after hitting a block

  • Allows projectiles to stay after hitting a block like bows do.

Able to pickup projectile (+selecting the item you pick up)

  • If the projectile stays after hitting a block, then you can pick up the projectile in item form
    • If there is more than one projectile there will be an option to limit the pick ups to a certain number of the projectiles

Conditions for firing the weapon

  • Add a condition part for the ranged weapon creation to enable the ability to fire the weapon

Attach inventory/GUI to ranged item

  • allows the ranged item to have an inventory like suggested by another tracker asked for those in regular items (can be used combined with the condition portion of this to make a weapon that needs to be loaded like a rifle or something)

Rate of fire

  • (For automatic ranged weapons) Ability to alter the rate of fire of automatic ranged weapons

Minimum and Maximum Drawback

  • Min: Allows a ranged item to have to be pulled back enough to fire (like a bow) (0-1 or something simple like that to work with what I am suggesting below)
  • Max: Limits a ranged item's drawback length
    • Ability to enable an automatic "release" of the drawback once this is met (semiautomatic ranged items or quickfire bows)

Drawback Speed

  • Affects the speed you can draw back a ranged weapon

Drawback Damage Modifier

  • Allows the disabling and modifying the damage modifier of the length you draw back a ranged item

Tools, Weapons, Ranged Items

GUI/Inventory and Use Conditions (Like explained earlier (Sorry for the duplicate if this causes confusion; I just wanted to give an example in the context of ranged items))

  • Could allow for a motorized chainsaw or such

Break Procedure

Code Block for giving an item with certain properties

  • Give [Item] with durability
  • Give [Item] with a copy of applicable NBT (Enchantments, Durability, Name, etc.) (Non-applicable: Crossbow Firework --> Sword)
    • option to scale the durability to the max durability of the new item

Additional Options For Multi-tool

Attack Reach/Range (This is a trait that will be added later on for Minecraft, but keep and eye out for it)

[Bug] Tool/Weapon/Nonweapon attack speed and damage bugged

  • Tools/Weapons: Not able to change attack speed; locked
  • Nonweapon: Damage scale is far off or damage is not able to be changed

Item Repaired Procedure

Villagers (This is where things could get interesting)

(Don't know if this is already here, but just to start off) Adding items/Changing items in villager trading

Add a villager biome

  • Will require biome, textures for vanilla villagers, and textures for new villagers and possibly some procedures will be added
  • can include structures

Add villager profession

  • Will require:
    • Textures for new profession in vanilla biomes and new villager biomes
    • Workstation Block
    • Workstation noise (optional)
    • Trades and exp for trades (Villager and Player's)
      • option to scale for villager rank
    • Workstation particles (optional)
    • Trades for villager (if any)
      • select which ranks are assigned to trades 
    • Textures for zombie version for vanilla biomes and new biomes
    • Hat (if enabled) Java file
    • Custom model (if enabled)
    • Possibly other options including:
      • Procedures (Ex: When on soul sand play noise)
        • When workstation used
      • Blocks to break/AI (Ex: Wandering trader drinking a potion of invisibility and farmers farming)
      • Leashed to a mob and what mob (like a Wandering Trader Villager)
      • Exp bar/Ranks enabled and disabled
      • keep trades, rank, and/or profession when made a zombie
      • breed conditions


Enable picking up and equipping items

Adding new mob type (Undead, Illager, etc.)

AI procedure to instruct it to break a block

Mob trading/Villager (port over the trading from villagers to this mob and select trades, levels, and all other villager properties (unless it is just a wandering trader type))

Ranged custom model

Ranged projectile persistence

Ranged options (same as those in ranged suggestions and current options)

Use main hand or offhand item to set the ranged item options (overrides selections for suggestions I made about ranged properties)

BUG (Possibly) Option for raised arms (Zombie models in 1.14.4 do not raise their arms)

Procedure for: When mob attacks another mob (get attacked mob)

Procedure for: When mob killed by other mob or player (get mob who killed the mob)

Procedure for: When mob gets hurt by mob (get mob who hurt the mob)

Conditions for AI (I know I suggested this before, and I am just including this to summarize my thoughts)

Spawn structure after condition (AI)

Is mob constantly burning/spreading fire (Blaze is an example)

Mob step sound

Vex AI

Enable/Disable mob collision with blocks in editor, procedures, or AI

"If currently targeting [Entity Name]" code block

Have entity only do ranged attacks if a condition is met in AI portion



Slab preset

Changing block models (also suggested by someone else, but this is still something that would be nice especially if it could be altered with NBT or procedures)

Add "Fortune Affects this block?"

  • Increases the amount of drops from a block that does not drop itself

Add "Xp orbs spawn after mining?" with number

  • Add (will only show if above is enabled) "Silk touch disables Xp drop?"

Only mine-able (checkbox then list) by: Item selection


Procedure to swap main hand item with another item (option to move the item back into the inventory for players and/or take the replacing item from the player's inventory)


BUG GIMP images support (not .gimp files)

  • allow GIMP-generated files to be shown in selection screen and resources for textures (it is currently invisible)

BUGS (Possibly)

BUG: After 1200 Mod elements, at least for me, the mod maker tends to lock up a ton (it has been getting better since I passed 1355 (I am not releasing my mod yet; its planned release is either Summer 2020 or Autumn/Winter 2020))

Thank you for reading this. This took very long to type. If there is trouble with the villager portion or trade portion, from 2:09 and a little later on in this video by "MrCrayfish" shows how you can add villager trades to a new mob in Minecraft:

Again, thank you for this mod maker and all the support for it that has been given. It is really well-made for its purpose. These are just suggestions that could get more people interested in using it and could give people who have not learned java code yet (like myself) a larger selection of options for mod elements. Thank you for your time.

Issue comments

Post this in forums and read the tracker rules again, especially this part:

Make sure to post only one feature request or bug report in each ticket, so each separate item can be tracked by our issue tracking system. Issues with multiple requests will be removed. The tracker is not a place for large lists of feature requests. Such lists belong to Feature requests and ideas for MCreator forum section and we will pick the most requested features from there. For questions related to the usage of MCreator, open a forum topic instead. This tracker is not a place for programming support neither.

Many of there are planned too.

Sorry about that. I might move this to notepad or something and request them one at a time from the categories after checking what has already been requested. Would that be okay. Also, if it has not been already requested, GIMP-generated image compatibility would be great since they come up as invisible in the selection and resources but not in the texture editor or game.

GIMP-generated image compatibility would be great since they come up as invisible in the selection and resources but not in the texture editor or game.

Open a support ticket for this after you can make a new one and attach examples of such images.

You can wait for 48 hours, there will be no release in this timeframe so even if I get it then, it still will be processed before the next release :)

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