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Hello, it me again.

Would it be possible to make the option when creating a structure or mob, to be able to blacklist spawnable biomes? We can already whitelist them, but if someone (like me hehe) were making a mod with the intention of making it friendly and compatable with other mods, it would be awesome to make a structure (or entity) not spawn only in certain biomes, but it can in literally any other.

I have made a post like this on the forum but decided to open a ticket for this. I'm sure others would find this useful!

Issue comments

I am changing this to a more broad request to add support for inclusion/exclusion mode on all data lists.

 A good example would be to add Mushroom biomes to the blacklist by default if a mob is defined as hostile.

Can the ability to use Biome Tags also be added? That would support spawning in modded biomes.


Can the ability to use Biome Tags also be added? That would support spawning in modded biomes.

This is already supported

For defining mob spawning parameters for biomes?

Currently, when I checked the code for my custom mobs, it uses the biome resource name, which I'm pretty sure only allows it to spawn in vanilla biomes.

In case that's read wrong, I meant can the custom mobs given biome tags for spawning.

I see the biome dictionary editor for the custom biome element, but I don't see a biome dictionary editor for the custom mob editor.

Should I make a feature request for that? I cannot find a way for Custom Mobs to use biome tags.