Flying mobs seem to be very slow

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The flying mobs seem to be very slow.

If i set the speed factor to 20 then it is still very slow.

This is in both 1.14.4 and 1.12.2.


I hope this will be fixed



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For 1.12.2 this is normal, I was not able to make them move fast no matter what I did so in 1.12.2 this will stay so, 1.12.2 is deprecated too. I have noted this here:

For 1.12.2, mobs attack quite slowly for some unknown reason with the same code concept as for 1.14.4, but in 1.14.4, they work perfectly.

For 1.14.4, this is a configuration that worked for me:

Configuration of AI tasks

And this is how they attacked me (not slow at all, mob speed at 0.5):


I tried your A.I. as well and it was still slow...


Also, minecraft crashed once it attacked the player

Also, minecraft crashed once it attacked the player

This does not help, crash log please, then.

I was able to replicate the bug with flying and will fix it, but still please provide the crash log when it tried to attack.

Also, minecraft crashed once it attacked the player

This does not help, crash log please, then.

Is the crash still happening, otherwise I will have to assume the crash is no longer present? 

If this is not the case please reply soon as the patch will be rolling out soon. Thank you for your understanding.

The slow-flying will be fixed in the patch.

Ok found the drone to cause the crash problem.

The crash happens because you set it to Creature type, but you are using attack entity AI tasks, this does not go together.

PS: When setting the target, only use EntityPlayer, not EntityPlayerMP too as this will confuse AI logic. EntityPlayer covers EntityPlayerMP too.

PS2: Set the flying AI tasks on top of the list to make this work better.

UPDATE: We have released a patch update to fix some bugs found in 2020.2:


  • [Bugfix #58588, 1.12.2] Boss mobs had gravity disabled in some cases
  • [Bugfix #58509] There were some issues with flying mobs
  • [Bugfix #58595] Author list always included MCreator

I am using the latest build 2020.3 and still having problem with flying mob's speed at 1.15.2, it seems like flying_speed is a fixed value and even if I put astronomical values at movement speed it does not change. I had a look at the code and it is changing the value, but I guess it is not right

I tried and still, the difference is that fly around with a speed factor works when the entity is not targeting you, my guess is that the flying pattern is coded using default speed

Open a new ticket then and include a minimal reproducible workspace (one mob demonstrating the bug in it). Thanks!

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