Support for SimpleImpl for better rending for entities.

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Issue description

Hello Klemen, I have done a bit of digging to find what I needed to do to fix a rendering glitch with living entities, its not on MCreator's end but more on how Minecraft handles entities and rending when not looking at the hit box area.

I was wondering if it would be possible to implement some extra support for larger entitles in the future that allows us to configure the entities rendering size rather than have large entities like my boat mod vanish if you look off to the side of the hit box.

Here are some resources that help explain the issue a bit more.

Issue comments

MCreator uses SimpleImpl to handle network communication already.

I am not sure how SimpleImpl would fix this alone as SimpleImpl is only a network packet handling system.

I will check how to improve rendering for this, though, but this is something very long term as custom rendering handler for entities is a bit out of scope at the moment I am afraid as there are many other much more requested features waiting for my attention ;)

fair enough :)

It has to do with large entities vanishing when the player does not look at the hit box or directly at the entity, Minecraft will only render in entity the direction the player is looking anything that is not on screen by any players in MP or SP will not render the mesh but still be there as normal. Its just how Minecraft works for performance but larger entities sometimes render outside of the normal size making it vanish when on screen still.

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