Here, take it and do something with the swords...

Published by RedCorr on Fri, 04/17/2020 - 20:13
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Yes, please tell which mod elements to check and which swords do not act like swords as you described on the forum topic, please.

Wither sword, giant diamond sword, eleterio and magma swords ARE NOT swords by some reason.
Open test client in the MCreator and see yourself...

To make the actual sword, use Tool mod element and select Tool type Sword in the dropdown. Item based swords are not real swords. At least without damage vs mob enabled, but even then this is still item not sword. For sword, use Tool mod element type.

Yea, i know, but...
They are already with DAMAGE and SWORD option.
Check the mod elements and see it, they will be swords by the mod element, but not in the actual situation.
Wait, i will send some screenshots...

I have checked them and they have melee damage disabled.

Use tool mod element, item mod element is not intended for this.

Aha, oops, sorry, the check was turned off, im a dumbo ,_,
Ok, thanks, thank you, i will be more accurate next time...
Sorry for interrupting, oh shish, im so sorry ,_,

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