Textures all of a sudden vanished.

Issue description

I changed the ID and Name of my workspace, and all the block, item, mob and other misc. textures all of a sudden vanished! AND to rub salt in the wound, they all got deleted! Please fix ASAP. Everything functions normally, but the textures are gone. If you can provide me with a way to fix it, make sure to tell me in ENGLISH.

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mod (pre issue)5.67 MB 5.67 MB

Issue comments

I can confirm this bug. Marking as major.

This will be fixed in the upcoming snapshot and is blocker for the snapshot.

I was able to resolve this. This will be fixed in the upcoming update.

Good thing you had your backup as this one actually deletes all resources ;)

Thank god for Github I was able to recover my repo as i had this same issue as well just that when i reported for some reason my  report got deleted when i  submited it might of been because at the time the pyro servers had a Critical Failure 

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