No localization texts for custom KeyBinding categories

Published by Goldorion on Sat, 05/16/2020 - 15:08
Works as designed
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Issue description

I made a key binding with a custom categorie, and I think you forgot to add a localization text. In the game, it's still the not localized text (key.categories.yourCategorieName).
I know it's a minor bug because we can add it ourself, but it's still a bug. ;)

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The Controls41.67 KB 41.67 KB
The Localization Tab117.36 KB 117.36 KB
I tested with this workspace (My new Camera Mod)23.89 KB 23.89 KB

Issue comments

This is not a bug but is intended this way. Multiple key bindings can have the same category so multiple elements would address the same key (or how the key should even be determined this way). So the solution was to provide a way to define the key instead and then define the actual category name in the localization tab by adding custom lang entry.

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