Bug With Custom Mob Compiling

Published by Khmer on Thu, 05/21/2020 - 04:55
Issue description

   Hi. I'm using 2020.2 and I have an issue where when I go to make this mob with a custom model, a message displays with  "Your workspace contains mod elements that don't compile properly." The issue doesn't happen with the other mobs, even though they also have custom models, just this one. I'm posting the shareable zip file for the workspace, the texture, model, code, and console. I hope that helps.




Attachment Size
mod workspace455.09 KB 455.09 KB
mob texture1.79 KB 1.79 KB
mob model5.59 KB 5.59 KB

Issue comments

Ok, so apparently when I made the BB model, I named the file but forgot the geometry name. It's fixed now. Thank you very much.

   Quick question. How do I import a workspace? I have a problem and I think I know how to test if it's MCreator or the workspace with the problem.

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