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Please add a option to export deobf versions of MCreator modifications, so making handwritten addons for MCreator mods easier.

For non-programmers, this reddit post should explain what is a deobf version of a Minecraft mod: https://www.reddit.com/r/feedthebeast/comments/7i0mui/quark_deobf/

(I know it is for the Quark mod but it is same for any other mod)

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I will consider adding this, but hide this feature in the menus so people don't export deobf mods and then rush to the tracker that their mod is not working :D

maybe add this warning:
"deobfed jar files would NOT work outside of a development environment. Do not use this option unless you know why you need it!"

People are warned that 1.15.2 models will not work in 1.14.4 in 2020.3 (plus instructions on how to resolve this) with a big dialog with a warning icon, yet I get almost daily tickets of users asking why their 1.14.4 mod does not compile and they use 1.15.2 models in them :D

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