Tick update procedure is not working with "auto" generated block.

Published by Fredzik on Fri, 06/05/2020 - 14:07
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I made a custom dirt block that is be able to grow grass on it's top if is air at Y+1. The procedure was put in "On block tick update". I also made a biome that has the block. Everything was fine but I tested if the procedure works - failure. I went to my biome, broke custom grass block and under it was my custom dirt block. I waited to see it change into a grass block and nothing happened. There's nothing wrong with my procedure cuz I tested it by manually placing the dirt block and it worked. I hope it will be fixed.

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Please provide a minimal example workspace containing elements necessary to replicate the bug in an isolated manner. Thanks.

Spawned blocks will not tick by default by design. This was covered many times on this website

Check tick randomly to make it tick on active chunks.

This works this way to the game would not crash due to too many blocks ticking

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