Item trigger "when item broken"

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Issue description

I want a trigger called "when item broken",and it will provide the itemstack of the item that is BEFORE it broke and i want to make something like "carrot_on_a_stick",so changing it to "fishing_rod"(in a procedure) actually changes it in the inventory too.

(add a procedure called

CHANGE <itemstack> TO <itemstack> AND MODIFY IN INVENTORY

,and it will fail if provided itemstack didn't "come out" of an inventory.

Issue comments

Or,"get item damage" means get durability consumed,not the damage made when hitting mob with the item?

because even there is a SLOT dependency in "when tool in hand/inventory tick"/"when item in hand/inventory tick",there isn't and procedure called "replace item in inventory slot <number> of <entity_input>"!

This is becoming a feature list, please check terms of the tracker.

Keeping open for the original request.

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