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Published by Goldorion on Tue, 06/23/2020 - 17:22
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The 1.16 has introduced the new custom world generator, and with this new custom world generator, there is a custom dimension generator. They are also compatible with data packs, so surely with Forge ods too, so it could be a good feature for them.

A developper of Minecraft has made an example on GitHub, if you want some references.

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Any ideas on how to name that element so it would not be confused with dimension mod element?

Hmm but existing dimensions are Minecraft dimensions too. Well fg/fb mod = data pack at the same time so idk.

I renamed the ticket for Customized World generation because after speaking with some people, we can now make custom dimension (the first thing of the ticket),custom features (trees, lakes, etc.), custom biomes (snapshot 20w28a) and generate custom structures(snapshot(20w28a).

Let's keep this together, even now this is far fetched and I do not like tickets for versions not even in MCreator yet being opened.

The only problem is that that feature is experimental so any world using that feature would be marked as experimental and the way the feature works can change very suddenly so I don't think that it should be added for mods :/

But maybe add support for it in datapacks.

I made the data pack biomes. Many things can still be added (because I didn't know how to implement them (e.g. entities) or Biome element doesn't support it (e.g. a lot of things)), but I tried to make something with everything I could. However, due to the overworld.json file (data/minecraft/dimension), when we use the single biome world generation, all Minecraft biomes will be generated instead of the selected biome. I don't really know how to fix that for the moment because there is no tutorial for custom biomes (I'm still waiting for the slicedlime's(a developer of Minecraft) tutorial). Anyways, I hope it will help a little bit to implementation of this feature. :)

Oh and mappings are maybe not good, I just modified the Datapack generator for Minecraft 1.16.

last thing, you should re-add the option to give a name to the biome because for the moment, names (for all generators) are modid:registry_name). You can see a good example in the menu to select the biome of the Single biome world generation.

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