Option to "Display Fluid Overlay" on submerged blocks

Published by WenXin2 on Wed, 07/15/2020 - 06:18
Upvotes: 2
Issue description

If the option shouldDisplayFluidOverlay is added, this will allow blocks that are transparent or translucent to display a fluid overlay when submerged. Could be useful for custom glass blocks or blocks that use the leaves block base, since this normally defaults to false.

 Relevant code:

public boolean shouldDisplayFluidOverlay(BlockState state, ILightReader world, BlockPos pos, IFluidState fluidstate) {
	return true;


Issue comments

This method does not seem to exist in >1.14.x, where should this go. AFAIK now complete custom render is needed for this.

This definitely works in 1.15.2 without a custom render, it was added by forge, I used it in my own workspace for my custom blocks, I can send an example if needed.

Seems this was added in 1.15.x only so this will be likely postponed until 1.14.x is dropped

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