Compostable items

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Issue description

The compostable mod element type would be an item that can be used in a composter.

It would be a simple mod element type with just 2 parameters like fuel mod element type. This would save the work of having to use procedures to make it compostable or use a custom block.

The first parameter would be the item/block you select to be used, it would work for vanilla items or custom items/blocks.

The second parameter would be the chance for it to add a layer of compost in the block.

It would be between 0.01 and 1.00 in percentage with 0.01 being 1%chance and 1.00 being 100%chance (always adds a layer)

Seeds would have 0.30, and cacti would have 0.50 for example.


This was duplicated from a forum topic created BY THE SAME USER AS  who opened this issue to get faster support.

Link to the forum topic created by the same user.

Issue comments

I might add the option to check at the item if it is compostable, approach with mod element is a bit over the top I think.

I might look into the option to define fuels, compostable items, and such minor elements in a different way, not with mod elements.

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