Loot table item count setting

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I know you can easily code it by yourself, but a feature would be cool:

minimum and maximum number of Items in an Itemstack per Roll, In Vanilla LootTables like this:

                    "name": "minecraft:arrow",
                    "functions": [
                            "function": "set_count",
                            "count": {
                                "min": 2,
                                "max": 7


Would be cool if it would be a normal feature in loottable mod creation

Issue comments

  • Added option to disable block dropping and use loot tables instead
  • Added option to make loot table entries decay on explosion dropping
  • [#64917] Loot entries can now have drop count amount set
  • [#59923] Added option to make loot table items enchanted
  • [#49691] Added option to condition loot table entries with enchantments such as silk touch and fortune