Failed to identify source entity

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Is there a way to fix this?

This might be called "Works as designed" but everytime entity is hurted, it ran the procedures no matter if there're source entities or not: Maybe just cactus damage or fall damage,... there is no source entity. And yes, I tried to "identify" the source entities with "entity of type ..." or even try to use "Entity in radius" blocks.

This seems to be minor issue but since my mod uses a lot of "when entity hurted" event, it lags out my game and sometime even crash.

Is it possible for you guys to split "Entity hurt" event to a "With Source" one and a "Without Source" one? If not, is there a way to deal with this problem? Pls help.

Issue comments

I will see what can be done. I might make these warnings optional or disable them alltogether.