Option to make ranged item with bullet only

Published by NOYB on Fri, 08/14/2020 - 05:25
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Issue description

The only diffrence between an Item and a Ranged Item is that ranged items have a use action. My idea is to add this use action option to items and change Ranged Item mod element to Bullet mod element. I know bullet elements are already planned but this is just a idea.

Issue comments

The problem would be existing mods, so what I plan is adding option to disable item of "ranged item" and only make bullet with it.

And possibly change terminology:

  • bullet -> ranged entity
  • ranged item -> ranged entity trigger item
  • ranged item (as mod element type) -> projectile

Ranged entity could be confused with mobs who deal damage from the distance (ranged monsters)

Maybe it could be "projectiles" (for the bullets), "projectile launchers" (for the items that shoot the bullets) and "ranged items" (for the mod element)... I'm sure someone could come up with better names but "ranged entity" sounds a bit too confusing to me :(