Limiting character usage for comments

Published by NOYB on Wed, 09/02/2020 - 09:10
Issue description

Limiting this might stop people from sending their crash report by just copy pasting it.

Issue comments

This might not be a thing for forum headers since things like tutorials might be long, or maybe just for "Help with MCreator software" category even if some people insist on asking for help in the most irrelevant categories :(

That would be punishing users that post long meaningful content, though. Just read over 500 character comment and imagine now this user posted this, took effort and was punished due to ignorace of some users. There already are some limits, but are reasonable limits to prevent spammers from causing problems.

The idea is good, but due to this problem I would prefer not implementing it atm. I might look into ways to detect logs in the future if I find anything useful.

There already are some limits

What kind of limits are there

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