Reorganizing Creative Tabs Sometimes Causes Build Errors with Locked Elements

Published by WenXin2 on Fri, 09/04/2020 - 06:27
Can not reproduce
Issue description

I ran into this bug while using the 'Edit element order in creative tabs' button.

After reorganizing a couple of items & clicking on the 'Save layout' button, I got a bunch of build errors with an element with locked code. After clicking on the error message, it opened up the Cactus Living entity element, and I discovered that all changes I had made manually had been undone and all imports had been deleted, despite having the element locked.

I have provided my full workspace since I was unable to recreate the bug in a minimal workspace. The element with the errors is the Cactus living entity and the errors that you will get are the build errors that happened after trying to reorganize the creative tab.

Attachment Size
natureplus-1.15.2-1.10-broken.zip3.41 MB 3.41 MB

Issue comments

Also, opening Cactus java file in code editor and doing ctrl + w and then ctrl + s fixed the compile errors.

I'm the only person working on the mod.

I know that Ctrl+w fixes the errors, but any modifications previously made to the file was already erased, even though the file was locked.

And the bug reoccurs every time that I try to reorganize the creative tabs.

After closing and reopening MCreator, the bug stopped occurring.

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