How to debug MCreator when it is not working properly

On this page, you can find some useful examples on how to debug MCreator and how to try to find the cause of the problems.

Getting the error logs

There are multiple cases and locations to look for the error logs so we will separate this into segments. You can also check this section when opening a support ticket to find the proper error logs.

Actual MCreator process log output

On the Linux or macOS, simply run MCreator from the terminal and you will see all the logs in the terminal you used to run MCreator.

To get the actual error log of MCreator process on Windows, you can run MCreator using mcreator.bat on versions higher than 1.7.8.

For versions lower than MCreator 1.7.8, the process to get the error log, the process is a more bit trickier. Here is the process:

  • Download MCreator for Linux/Mac version for the same version as you want to debug
  • Only extract the MCreator.jar file from the downloaded zip file and put it inside your Windows MCreator installation folder
  • Open Windows command line, move to the installation directory of the version you want to debug and run the following command:
    • java -jar MCreator.jar --started-by-exe

Gradle log output

The gradle output can be found in the Console tab of MCreator. Use the copy button in the console sidebar to get the full copy of the console in the clipboard.

Minecraft log output

Minecraft log can also be found in the gradle console of MCreator.

MCreator crash log output

In case that MCreator crashes without any warnings and by crash it is meant that the MCreator process terminates and the window is closed immediately without any notices. In such case, Java JVM has crashed. Look for the error logs in the root folder of MCreator installation. Look for the files ending with .log extension and names starting with hs_err_pid_

If you get such crash, please open a support ticket and attach the .log file.

Check the system requirements

If you are having trouble with MCreator, first check that your computer meets the required system specifications. Also, make sure to use the 64-bit version of 64-bit systems to avoid RAM memory problems and to use 32-bit version on the 32-bit computer as 64-bit version won't even launch.

Check the internet connection

For the setup, MCreator needs a reliable internet connection. Make sure that there are no firewalls or antivirus software that could be blocking the connection. If in doubt, try to disable them to test if this is the cause of the errors.

MCreator needs an internet connection in order to build Minecraft too, unless you use it in offline mode which can be enabled in the preferences, but only use this mode when you don't have other options as the required build dependencies will not be updated in such case which could theoretically cause unpredictable bugs with exported mods.

Donate to MCreator

By donating to developers you can speed up development, as with more resources, we can dedicate more time to MCreator. It is a free project made by developers working on it in their free time.