A list of things for 1.9.2

Started by StellaeLux on Tue, 09/24/2019 - 12:29

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A list of things for 1.9.2
Wed, 10/09/2019 - 00:13 (edited)

1. Block base: Door.

2. Block base: Gate.

3. Block base: Slab.

4. Wood mod element: Automatically created a Gate, Fence, Wall, Slab, Stairs, Boat etc (except the door) and recipes for all of them.

4. Procedure boolean: isPlayerUnderWater

5. Procedure that allows you to change item descriptions. (Including the description of tools!)

6. Procedure block properties: Set gravity to true.

7. A way to order the mod elements in your workspace. (Folders will come later 2.x.x due to the structure of mcreator, but perhaps sorting mod elements can be implemented in the meanwhile?)

8. Particular biomes can overwrite filler block (typically stone) which will be placed without On Added being called. (Currently only standard world generation can spawn massive amounts of blocks like stone to fill the world with. Doing so through adding blocks individually with their procedures called causes severe lag or even crashes.) https://mcreator.net/tracker/issue/48758 (out of scope)

9. Procedure: Remove 1 from Armor slot [number]

10. Unlocking Crafting recipes, like achievements. (High priority!)

11. Procedure that directly interacts with saturation. Not just food level. Such as adding/subtracting saturation and checking saturation level. https://mcreator.net/tracker/issue/52995

12. Living Entity spawning conditions: Spawn entity on block: [pictureofblock] only. Spawn entity in light levels [range] only. Spawn entity in height [range] only. Individual utilities from Inherited AI are seperated, so that you can take the climbing ability from a spider without the peaceful at day behaviour.

13. Pass variables and dependencies to other procedures: Advanced, Call procedure [Procedurename] (a,b,c,d) https://mcreator.net/tracker/issue/52449

14. Mod Element: Crafting_Table/Furnace. Simply lets you set the textures of the crafting table/furnace but keeps all the utility of the block. (Doesn't override original crafting table)

15. Plants mod element: More options for generation. "prevent spawning in groups".

17. Access to more world generation types, ->  Lerping sliders, etc.

18. Spawn Gem can select how many of that gem: Will spawn in groups of 1-5 automatically with shared physics instead of individually when 1-64(or higher) items are dropped. (Currently they have a chance of popping into group but fail to do so un occasion, causing occasional crashes.)

19. More ranged item options.

20. More sword options. https://mcreator.net/tracker/issue/53156

21. EDIT: Make the ability to check the block's rotation & set block's rotation.

22: EDIT: Make a procedure that can see on which face a block is being placed. (For example a torch model is determined by whether it's placed on the upper face or side face of a block.

23: EDIT: Block model: Same as wheat, 4 textures. https://mcreator.net/tracker/issue/46220

24: EDIT: Disable mob spawner option in dimensions.

26: EDIT: Living Entity mod element: Living sound, Hurt sound, Death sound are 3 separate lists of a list with a sound and weight, just like in 25. (Through procedures it's possible to create variations, however on death is called together with on hit. Checking in On Hit whether hp <= 0 doesn't work as hp is subtracted after on hit is being called.)

27: EDIT: Living Entity mod element: Ability to set different layers of textures. Only the top layer is visible but through procedures: "Set visible texture to [Texture from list]"

28: EDIT: BUG SOLVED: When double clicking in a box where you can select an item (like in the crafting recipe) double clicking the box no longer prevents you from double clicking the picture. (Normally if you single click in the box and double click the item then the selection is complete. But double clicking the box makes you only able to select the item and thus requires you to manually go to the "Use selected item" Button in the bottom right.)

30: Biome height variation and base height does not leak into other biomes. (Attempted, but out of scope for now)

31: When creating a Block mod element: Increasing/decreasing the xyz of the bounding box happens in steps of https://mcreator.net/wiki/block-dimensions-and-bonding-box instead of in steps of 0.1, when clicking the up/down arrow.

33: Block mod element: BlocksPlacableOnSide boolean. BlocksPlacableOnTop boolean. BlocksPlacableOnBottom boolean. When a model doesn't have a top or a side, blocks placed there look like they are floating, which looks really bad with torches and similar items. Turning off the boolean (on by default) prevents you from placing blocks on that specific face.

34: The ability to copy a procedure and paste it into another procedure with cntrl c cntrl v

35: On (specific)armor unequip procedure. (includes breaking of the armor or any other thing that removes the armor piece). On armor equip procedure.

36: BUGFIX: Scrolling in overlay mod element doesn't work on the procedure options.

37: BUGFIX: Player location has a random offset of 1 +/- x and/or 1 +/- z, making you unable to get an accurate player location as it occasionally changes when making changes to your mod. https://mcreator.net/comment/95858

38: BUGFIX: Armor pictures are displayed with Black-Pink despite having a selected picture.

39: BUGFIX: Deleting a texture with name (x) and then importing a texture with name (x) will change x to that new texture instead of using the old one that was deleted.

40: Overlay grid stores grid settings, including when duplicating overlay mod elements.

41: Event trigger - triggered by external call or when (global trigger): On Food Eaten.

42: Procedure trigger: On Player Right click with tool in air global trigger. (Provides item stack dependency)

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