Desactivate "Enable Weather" for Custom Dimensions doesn't rebuild the workspace

Published by Goldorion on Sun, 12/01/2019 - 15:45
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Issue description


When we create a new dimension, we can activate or desactivate the weather, but when we choose to don't activate this option, the mod doesn't want to rebuild the workspace because there is an error. The code is like this :

public void updateWeather() {

But, it  should be like this :

public void updateWeather() {


I hope you will fix this in the next snapshot/release, and I give you enought details (I give you my workspace if you need it).

P-S : Oh and I have the same bug that this ticket.

Issue comments

Thank you for the report. I can confirm this.

A proper solution is:

@Override public void updateWeather(Runnable defaultWeather) {

I will fix this in the next update/release.


For the tabs:

I can confirm this to some degree. Minecraft seems to cache this value somewhere. Deleting run folder of workspace fixes the tab order. But we can not really fix this, final users will have the proper order.

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