My overlay is working incorectily

Published by MMG on Fri, 11/29/2019 - 14:11
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Issue description

I made overlay that should show when NBT variable of player is over certain value. Overlay is named cloud (3 parts) and the NBT tag it is working on is made for cloud flower.

However when the nbt tag get back to 0 overlay is still visible



Issue comments

I am not entirely sure why this is happening, but was not able to properly check it too. Cloud flower item sets it, but you reported the issue on getting nbt tag back to 0 which does not happen in flower item.

I would suggest you to do some printing in the if statements to see what parts execute and what not.

What triggers do you use to trigger all the procedures related to this NBT tag? Some procedures trigger on server side only so this info would help.

Key F, On player tick. Also I noticed one thing. It starts hapening after I use F

Yes, F only executes on server side. I will check the impact of running the event on both logical sides and consider improving this.

I will add client-side triggering code so in next release it will trigger on both sides to fix this issue.

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