Jigsaw system support for stucture generator

Published by Goldorion on Sun, 05/17/2020 - 21:33
Upvotes: 9
Issue description

We can make big structures with many structures blocks and procedures, but Minecraft has an easier way to do called the Jigsaw block. The jigsaw block has been added in 1.14 to make easier the creation of the new Villages, and they are re-used into the 1.16 for the Bastion remanants. However, I tested few days ago, but we can't use them because we need to add code, so they just are like other blocks. I know it's already possible with procedure, but firstly, we can rotate structures, so we need to create 1,2 or 4 structures depending of the structures of each piece, but with the jigsaw block, we only one structure for each piece. it will make generation mods lighter, and more easier.

Issue comments

Oh ok, it ought it was possible because on the Fabric's Wiki there is a section to add Jigsaw compatibility inside our structures (with code). So do we have to wait that Mojang add this?

I did some tests and was not able to add this, but I will keep this open as I believe there is a way. Could you share Fabric page?

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