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Published by NOICEEZ on Fri, 01/08/2021 - 15:12
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In this mod, I added:

-17 types of of armor.

- 1 set of tools.


Armor : 

1. Bone armor. This armor is made by using white skulls in the crafting table.

2. Wither armor. Use wither skulls in the crafting table to make this armor.

3. Zombie armor. This armor is made by zombie heads. The helmet is different than the average helmet. Check for yourself !

4. Creeper armor. Made by creeper heads , I couldn't make it immune to explosions ( sorry! ).

5. Dragon armor. Made by dragon heads, this armor is really tough.

6. Water armor. If you the water armor, then use prismarine shards to make it. ( No water breathing )

7. Magma armor. The complete opposite of water armor, this armor is made from magma blocks. ( no fire resistance )

8-14. spruce/jungle/acacia/oak/dark oak/birch armor. Relatively easy to get, this armor is as good as iron armor.

15-16. Warped/Crimson armor. The nether version of the wooden armor, also the same protection as iron armor.

17. Redstone armor. Redstone armor is made by redstone BLOCKS.



1. Redstone tools.

If you guys have any suggestions, write them in the chat. I might like your idea and put it in the next update.


Version 1.0

Added more armor ( 8 ) and gems ( 6 ) .


Armor : 

1. Glass Armor. Glass armor is a see through armor that is not bad.

2. Lapis Lazuli armor. A purple armor made by Lapis. Very enchantable.

3-8. Reinforced armor. Reinforced armor could be made by any block (Iron, Gold, Lapis, Diamond and Netherite).  


Gems : 

1. Garnet. A rare gem found in the overworld. Spawns in between y 1 and y 11. Only spawns one ore per vein.

2. Citrine. Another rare gem found deep underground (y1-y11). One ore per vein.

3. Peridot. More rare gems! One ore per vein (y1-y11).

4.Opal. Rare gem. One ore per vein (y1-y11).

5.Zicron. Rare gem. Found in the end (y1-y10).

6. Aquamarine. A gem that is found only in sea level (y61-y63). 2 ores per group.







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iomb.jar - AlphaUploaded on: 01/08/2021 - 15:12   File size: 281.68 KB
iomb_0.jar - Version 1.0.Uploaded on: 01/10/2021 - 20:56   File size: 655.19 KB

If you more armor types of armor, tools or anything in between, write it in the chat. i'll make sure to put it in the next update.