Published by QraNge56 on Sun, 04/26/2020 - 15:12
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This mod does not add any new items. It only adds more structures dungeons to vanilla minecraft. There are few structures for almost every biome (also nether and end). This mod is mostly adventure/explore based. Dungeons, farms, small starter houses, floating structures, underwater structures and more.

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Nice mod, but please describe what some of the structures are in the description :)

Nice! I'm trying to make structures for my mod but it is confusing. Any help / tutorials you recommend?

It was confusing for me too. Use structure blocks and save your structure. Open the .minecraft folder and find the saves folder. Find the folder with the name of the world you saved the structure on. Click the Generated folder and the folder in it. Finally there should be a folder in that with an NBT file. Place that file in downloads and you can import it to mcreator.