Arthys' RPG Armory

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What is ARA?

Arthys' RPG Armory (ARA) is a mod originally created for a small group of friends on a private server but reworked and rebalanced for widespread multiplayer usage. It features different artifacts and weaponry that can be found in structures found throughout the overworld. Every item serves a purpose, like a tool in a toolbox. However you choose to use said tools is up to you. However, there are a few limitations that server admins can put in place, especially with the more potentially destructive items such as the creeping totem and weather cyclers. These can be configured via gamerule!


How do I play?

When first starting out in a new world, you will see an announcement in chat with a link to the mod reminding you to check for updates regularly, as you may be playing on an outdated version. After that, it’s best to get yourself geared up in iron armor as normal and look for a village. The new Artificer Villager profession can be used to trade every non-craftable artifact in the mod. If you can’t find an Artificer, craft an infusing table and find some unlucky unemployed villager. :D


What would you recommend playing the mod with?

As of the 1.19.2 update, ARA is directly compatible with Better Combat. Another mod by the same developer is Combat Roll, which although is not a required dependency, is also a must-have when playing with this mod. Curios API Is required, as the new pendant items can only work when equipped in the necklace slot.Ledger-Line

Where can I learn more?

More information is available upon request in the official Net.Arsonist's Mod Team Official Discord Server


Modification files
1.19.2_arthys_rpg_arms_ward_bugfix_final.jar - Forge 1.19.2Uploaded on: 01/31/2024 - 20:55   File size: 2.86 MB
1.20.1-arthys_rpg_arms-public_beta_v_1-2.1.0.jar - Forge 1.20.1 - Public BetaUploaded on: 02/18/2024 - 17:31   File size: 3.43 MB
1.20.1-arthys_rpg_arms-public_beta_v_3-2.1.2.jar - Forge 1.20.1 - Public Beta v2Uploaded on: 04/01/2024 - 01:36   File size: 3.43 MB

Updated all textures to ARA Reborn Types

Fixed UI for infusing table

Updated Armsbook and Bow

Added Wraithcaster

Added Placement Wand for Artificer's House

I love this mod, and it was released right at the right time. I'm making an RPG modpack for me and my friends, and found this. Amazing work!

I made my textures by hand, both the older assets and the new ones, you'll find me streaming making them in the discord linked in the description or in Mcreation hub from time to time. I think what caught this guy's attention were the rings. I did go to google looking for references when making the ring's outline and i used one, but i recolored and reshaded the ring for my own purposes so although the shape is similar the rings are not copies.

Congratulations for winning Mod of the Week :)

Your mod was also promoted on our official subreddit ( and Twitter page (