Ultra Swords Mod

Published by MrCreeps on Sat, 04/04/2020 - 17:47
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 This is an extra mod that I made separate from the story line of MC Enhanced as this mod focuses on the 7 Ultra Swords to form the one and only Mine Blade, Blade of the Ground, Frosted Sword of Ice, Greatsword from the Underworld, Bird's Bane, The Knight's Edge, The Enderlord's Sword, and the legendary Champion's Blade. 

 Over time the Mine Blade used to banish Herobrine to the depths of the void split into the 7 Ultra Swords wielded by creatures Lost in Time. Only you can forge together the 7 Ultra Swords and claim the Mine Blade.


- Broken Sword - 0.5 damage--1.6 speed--Ability Sharp Edge (0.05% time attack does 6 damage) Can get by Mysterious Disc and by crafting (1 Iron Sword)

- Mine Blade Shard - 4.5 damage--0.6 speed--Ability NONE Can get by fusing broken Sword with Obsidian

- Blade of the Ground - 8 damage--1.0 speed--Ability-Meal Maker (Makes 3 Bonemeal on Right Click 70% Time, 60 Second cooldown) Can get by fusing Heart of the Earth with Mine Blade Shard Fusing Machine


- Fusing Machine - Add an Iron Sword + gold or diamond to make gold/diamond sword. To make special swords use their corresponding heart + Mine Blade Shard Can get with 12 iron and 4 diamonds in advanced crafting table

- Advanced Crafting Table - 4x4 Crafting Grid Can get by Crafting 3 diamonds, 1 crafting table, and 5 iron

This mod's textures were either created using NOVASKIN RESOURCE PACK CREATOR or used from the NOVASKIN GALLERY.

JEI does NOT support the Fusing Machine Recipes or Advanced Crafting Recipes

Modification files
0.1.0-indev-usm.jar - First Version (Unstable)91.03 KB
0.2.2-indev-usm.jar - Previous Version (Stable)148.18 KB
0.2.3-indev-usm.jar - Current Version (Recommended)232.51 KB

·        Fixed Fusing Machine Texture

·        Fusing Machine Recipe Removed

·        Fusing Machine Recipe Changed to Advanced Crafting Table

·        Advanced Crafting Table

·        Hear of the Earth Recipe Removed

·        Heart of the Earth Recipe Changed to Advanced Crafting Table