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Posted ImagePosted ImageTechnical Stuff:Compiled against Forge Version 9.11.0(Will probably change in the future)Compatibility: [SP-LAN]
--------------------------Updates and Releases:--------------------------

Version 0.1
- 2 Dimensions
-2 new mobs
- Paradise Igniter(s)
- New Armour
- New Sword
- New Ore (Whisker Ore)
- New Blocks
- New Biomes

Version 0.2
- New Dimension (The StrangeLands)
- New Item (Pearly Egg) (Used to ignite StrangeLands Portal)
- New Block (StrangeLands Portal Block)
CatCraft is a mod for Minecraft 1.6.4 that introduces a whole load of new stuff into the game. 

Wandering around the world you might come across a new ore....Posted ImageThis is Whisker Ore. Whisker Ore is essential to the mod. Mining this (with an iron pickaxe or better) will result in the dropping of approximately 8 Whiskers.Posted ImageNow you have whiskers, you have loads of options.

Toughened Whiskers
Toughened Whiskers are made by placing 2 leather, 2 raw fish and a whisker in the middle in a crafting table. You will receive 5 toughened whiskers.Posted ImageYou can use these Toughened Whiskers to create armour and a sword in the usual way.

Whisker Fuel

Whisker fuel is used in creating the Whisker Wand. It is made by placing raw fish and coal in this way:
Posted Image

Whisker Wand
A later added element to the mod, a whisker wand is an incredibly powerful wand that doubles if not triples the power of a diamond sword.Posted Image

The Paradise Igniter
(Also called the Fish and Flint) A funny take on Flint and Steel. It is crafted by placing raw fish and flint in the lower left area of the crafting table (in the usual way, with the fish on top and the flint diagonally to the right). 

Whisker Block
If you fill a crafting grid with Whiskers you will create a Whisker Block. Placing these in the usual Nether Portal way and lighting it with a Flint and Fish will create a Whisker Portal.Posted ImageThe CatRealm
Now you've made a Whisker Portal, hop in and you will be taken to the CatRealm. Here you will find two new mobs, alongside some Ocelots.Posted ImageThe Cat Villager
This peaceful mob wouldn't hurt a fly - unless it was hungry. Don't be alarmed by their size, they are just like your average villager and won't attack you. If killed, they drop raw fish, with a rare drop of a whisker.Posted ImageThe Fighting Cat
Equipped with claws and teeth, this nimble cat will spawn at night and terrify the villagers - including you!! If killed they drop raw fish too, but rarely drop toughened whiskers instead.Posted ImageTripping you up....
For this next portal you will need another Paradise Igniter - it looks like a Paradise Igniter, but is crafted with a cooked fish instead.

Paradise Block
This time, you'll need some obsidian. Place raw fish, then obsidian, then another raw fish in the middle of the crafting table (left -> right, so raw fish on the middle left, then obsidian in the middle, then another raw fish on the middle right). This will create a Paradise Block. Once again, make your standard Nether Portal shape and light it up with the Paradise Igniter.Posted ImageCat Paradise
Once you've jumped into the Paradise Portal, you'll appear in the Cat Paradise. The same mobs will appear here, but the ground is made of stained clay, whisker blocks, and wool; lots and lots of wool. So grab some shears, and get to work!! Finally, the sheep can relax!!Posted ImagePearly Egg
New in Version 0.2,  the Pearly White acts as the igniter for the StrangeLands Portal. It is crafted as follows: Posted ImageStrangeLands Portal Block
Also new in Version 0.2, the StrangeLands Portal Block is crafted like this: Posted ImageAnd yes, you saw that right; using 1 diamond, 2 gold ingots, 2 iron ingots and 4 toughened whiskers, you get not 8, not 9, but 10 Portal Blocks!! Once again, place these blocks in the standard Nether Fashion and ignite it with a Pearly Egg. If you listen closely, the Portal likes to play a tune every now and again.Posted ImageThe StrangeLands
Certainly strange indeed - the immediate appearance of the StrangeLands is a deep blue splashed landscape. There are the usual mobs here, with the new appearance of the Shy Cat.Posted ImageThe Shy Cat
A very, very rare Cat that is as shy as an Ocelot, but if killed drops one diamond with the rare drop of a cake. Yes, a cake.Posted Image

Dulent Flower

New in Version 0.3, these flowers grow naturally and commonly, and also appear quite often when you use bone meal to grow flowers etc. They look like this: Posted Image

Placing them in the middle spot of a crafting grid will give you 4 Dulent Dye.
Posted Image

Dulent Wand / Time Wand

A Dulent Wand is also new in Version 0.3, and acts as the igniter of the Dulent Portal but also as an upgrade to the Whisker Wand. It is crafted like this: Posted Image

Dulent Block

Placing Dulent Dye in a "H" shape in the crafting grid and filling in the two remaining gaps with toughened whiskers will give you 1 Dulent Block. Posted Image

Dulent Portal

As usual, place these blocks in the Nether Fashion and ignite it with the Dulent Wand.

Posted Image

Dulent Dimension

If you love iron, prepare to be blown away.

Posted Image

The Dulent Dimension serves as a crazy iron resource, where you can mine all the Iron you want. There may be a few Diamond Ores too, so keep a look out.

The Ravine

There is a high chance when you spawn into The CatRealm, Cat Paradise, The StrangeLands or The Dulent Dimension, you will appear in a long, wide ravine with lava close by. This is pretty much intended, but is not the only thing. Dig to the top and eventually you will come out on the overworld. 9 times out of 10, there's not much to see.

So that's it for the mod!! Make sure you have Forge installed and go and have some fun!!

Version 0.3: (1.6.4) :

Older Downloads
Version 0.1: (1.6.4): https://www.dropbox....pp/
Version 0.2: (1.6.4) : 

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This mod is coo- I mean AWESOME....

This is amazing, hopefully your mod is in my modpack coming soon in a few hours.