Plenty O' Dimensions

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A mod that adds dimensions to the game! There are currently three, the Frozen, Light, Dark, and Second Overworld dimensions! Generating structures and bosses coming soon!

Version 2.0.0 beta is out! Let me know if there are any glitches in the comments below! Here is what 2.0.0 adds:

-New biomes! 

-2 new dimensions! Dark and Second Overworld! I suggest u bring night vision potions with u to the dark dimension. And the second overworld is darker than the actual one so...

-Deleted Jumpy dimension due to extreme lag.

-Three new NPC's! Ice girl, Light girl, and Dark Warrior! The Ice girl gives u free diamond swords! YAY!

That just about sums up v2.0.0! Remeber to comment below any bugs that need fixing!