Mineminx: No Limit!

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Hi there! I see you have clicked on this mod because the thumbnail caught your eye! Please read the description to know a little more about the mod you are thinking about downloading!

Note: This mod is still in beta so there will be many bugs, overpowered items or armor, ect. If you find one please let me know in the comments.. Thanks!


Mineminx isnt a revolutionary or earth shattering mod, such as Orespawn, or the Lucky blocks mod, but its a rather simple one. It adds some new foods, blocks, armor, ect. Nothing too special. But, if you are a simple person like me, its fun to have some new ores and armors to work with, instead of making it a whole new game.. I was searching around the web one day when I noticed there was basically no mods like this in the current version of Minecraft 1.10, so, I decided to make my own! 


The purpose of Mineminx is to add a little more spice to your world, like some chili powder to your soup. It adds a lot of new armor and weapons and mostly just random things, to give Minecraft players an edge over their opponents, while still being balanced at the same time.


Q: Why are there no hoes in the mod!? What is so wrong about them.. A: They suck. (I will add them if I get a request, if not, no hoes.)

Q: Could I use this in my modpack? A: Only with permission, from me!

Q: Why are some of the textures badly made? A: My friend Dark Owl makes most of them, which is why they dont look terrible. But when he's away, or doing something else, I have to make them on my own. Which is not fun, and they look terrible.. e.g The diamond apple, Battle burger, lettuce...


I wont be listing the recipes here, so I recommend using Just Enough Items to find them all.


How to install Mineminx?

1. Download forge installer for the mod version, open it and install.

2. Open the Minecraft Launcher and select Forge in the profile list

3. Click Edit Profile, and then Open Game Dir, this opens the game folder.

4. Create a new folder called mods. (If you already have a mods folder, download the mod, and drag it in the folder.)

5. Download the mod, and put it into the newly created mods folder.

6. All done! Open minecraft, and enjoy Mineminx!


Credit: MustacheGangster, Dark Owl, educ8, SuicidePanda


Modification files
mineminx_1.10.2_-_beta_v1.0.jar - Mineminx 1.10.2 [beta v1.0]Uploaded on: 08/21/2016 - 07:32   File size: 2.78 MB

This is kinda like my Magnificent Ores mod: https://www.planetminecraft.com/mod/magnificent-ores-mod-minecraft-1-12-2/