Camo Craft

Published by supermj767 on Sun, 02/24/2019 - 23:30
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Camo Craft


A mod that adds all the blocks in the building blocks creative tab (Not including Colored Glass, Terracotta, Concrete and Concrete Powder,)


just craft any block you find with the Camo Paste and boom walk through block!


you can use these blocks for secret hideouts traps and just for fun!


its especially fun to prank your Friends with!



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Thank you!


Project status
Modification type
Minecraft Forge mod
Latest supported Minecraft version
Modification files
Camo Craft (1.12.2)_0.jar - Camo Craft (1.12.2)709.32 KB

Updated description

Video is down :P

i Can Go Ahead And Post The Vid But It Might Not Work (Its Not Working For Me)

I saw the trailer on SKtube! I didn't think I'd run into you here!