Mcreator Dmg opens but mcreator command won't open mcreator

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Issue description

Whenever i trie to open Mcreator dmg and open mcreator command with terinal i get this. /Volumes/MCreator\ 1.8.3/MCreator183/mcreator.command ; exit;

/Volumes/MCreator 1.8.3/MCreator183/mcreator.command:  line 8: cd: /Volumes/MCreator No such file or directory

/Volumes/Mcrator 1.8.3/MCreator183/mcreator.command: line 14: ./jdk/Contents/Home/bin/java: No such file or directory



[Process completed] 

I don't understand this... I've tried the libpng thing and many more things. But it won't open.

Issue comments

Is that i need to change the write persions to read and write because it won't let me.

It looked different but mcreator did not open. i also tried the libpng thing again and got this. -bash: brew: command not found

You need to install homebrew in such case: Then run the reinstall thing.

MCreator 1.9.0 will remove this requirement.

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