(Geckolib) problems with conditional animations

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(Geckolib) problems with conditional animations

After changes in latest version of geckolib plugin and removal of conditional animations option I can't get my mobs to work properly. 
My mobs had conditional animations played when they were sitting (riding or sneaking) and also short idle animations playing randomly when they were standing still. Currently I can't make it work anymore. I think i tried everything at this point and it never seemed to work. If I choose to stop animations from playing after they don't sit anymore, idle animations won't play. If I don't add this code block however, the sitting animations will keep playing even after mob is not sitting anymore. 
Here's my sitting animation procedure:

And here is my idle procedure: 

I tried many things and it never seems to work.
What am I doing wrong? 
Can somebody send me images of how he procedures should be made?