Feedback on my Kaiju Mod Idea

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Feedback on my Kaiju Mod Idea

I've discovered that there hasn't really been a decent Kaiju mod made since 1.7.10 (there is a really obscure mod called Godzilla Rising for 1.20.1, but, and I hate to be critical here, it's not very good.), so I thought I could put it upon myself to make one for 1.20.1. However, I have 2 directions I believe the mod could go, and I'm not quite sure which path to go down.


Direction 1. I could go the same route many other mods have gone and just simply add the Kaiju in as they normally are in their respective media


Direction 2. I could put my own little spin on it, and maybe make it just a touch bit more immersive, and make sort of parody versions of the Kaiju that are based off Minecraft Mobs (Godzilla mixed with a Cod, King Kong mixed with a Hoglin, Gamera mixed with a Turtle, etc.). I think this idea would make the mod a lot more unique but I'm also worried people wouldn't like the Kaiju being changed and would prefer to have them be as accurate to the source material as possible.


Any thoughts or feedback are welcome!