Village Police Pursuits is this possible

Started by welcomepeople55 on Mon, 10/21/2019 - 01:26

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Village Police Pursuits is this possible
Mon, 10/21/2019 - 01:28 (edited)

i am trying to make this mod where you can be pursued by villagers if you attack them (neutral mobs) in a whole new game mode called "Pursuit" and your hunger would be disabled, your health will be increased, and the longer you are being pursued by the villager police, the more your heat level will rise and more creatures start to spawn and get involved.


Heat Level 1: Civic Villagers

Heat Level 2: Same as heat level 1, Roadblocks

Heat Level 3: State Villagers, Rhinos (Black Iron Golems that run really fast and ram into you head on which deplete half your health), and Roadblocks

Heat Level 4: State Villagers, Rhinos, Skelecopters (Flyable cobblestone platforms with propellers on them), Roadblocks, and Slow Sand (which will slow you down when you walk over it)

Heat Level 5: Federal Villgaers, Skelecopters, Rhinos, Roadblocks, Slow Sand


Is it possible to make a game mode as well as a thing like a busted or evade meter that would fill up when youre in a certain radius on either side such as if they corner you, the busted meter would go up, and when you're out of their sight, they go to evade.


Also when it comes to the Rhinos, is it possible to make it so that they despawn after they ram you and/or make it so they spawn when around you? (Like 30 blocks away is when they would spawn and they would have speed potion effect of II)

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