Funny Corruption in Phytolands Pre-Alpha

Started by Ekulchu on Mon, 07/27/2020 - 03:36

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Funny Corruption in Phytolands Pre-Alpha
Mon, 07/27/2020 - 03:36

Now, based on the title, you may be asking "geez Ekul sounds like this should be a post where you're asking for help getting this uncorrupted." Which, yes, but actually no. There are probably at least a few of you that are aware of the Phytolands, as it made MoTW this week. Anyways, long story short is the original mod got corrupted, presumably because I was using snapshots irresponsibly. Oops. However, I was planning on transitioning to the alpha soon regardless, so I have decided to build from the ground up again, making everything much prettier, more stable, and generally more fun for you. Now, this also does mean extended development time for the mod, however, do expect a significant jump in quality when Phytolands Alpha finally drops. Some things you can look forward to are double the amount of biomes currently in Pre-Alpha 1.3, revamps of the existent biomes, functionality to things that do not current have a purpose such as Slothians, and (hopefully) a solid and updated wiki. To hopefully hold over anyone who cares, have a mild leak of the revamped Phyto Edge after 1 day of work.Link to image