Hard mcreator new versions

Started by herobrine43 on Sun, 01/24/2021 - 04:36

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Hard mcreator new versions
Sun, 01/24/2021 - 04:36

I try to understand the new mcreator same with snapshot but it complex for me to understand want I have much more easier on the old version of mcreator and I talked about mcreator 1.8.3 want this are my reasons why is so hard 


 If I do something like the   Procedure I tried to understand how it works but with the use of XYZ and other things of the mcreator in it so complex for me even I have to explain more then 1k times there people danm not understand me what mean about it so I think you guys won't understand so I give up and don't make mod and just watching true even I can only understand in tutorial of basic in lip syncing that it do like I follow step-by-step and talk at the same time but no matter what I just say it not same thing I mean by you but what I mean so I give up I can not work with the new mcreator it too hard and difficult if don't understand fine I don't care anymore because I have enough by that if my danm English is good and my own mother language is Netherlands the same way as bad of typing then I think I say not so for you all out there good job you did too me so you better then me or perfection by the things that you just doing good job if you don't care fine by me you bring up to you own words and mean not that say but you doing it how created way want not me but done I just watching true what people make best way make mod there own perfectly way you make and you are right all this time you win good job by this I happy by own way just way you show it